The photo shows a florist trimming the stems of purple roses for optimal care. To prolong their life, steps include choosing fresh roses, angled stem cuts for water uptake, leaf removal to hinder bacteria, and using a vase with water and flower food.

The Art of Flower Care: Simple Steps for Lasting Blooms

Welcome to House of Flowers, where we believe every flower is a story waiting to be told. Caring for your blooms is not just about prolonging their life; it's about cherishing the beauty and joy they bring into every moment. Here's a concise, heartfelt guide to making those moments last.


Fresh Start: The Clean Vase

Begin with love: a clean vase is the cornerstone of flower care, providing a fresh sanctuary with water and a hint of flower food.


The First Cut: A New Beginning

Trim stems at a 45-degree angle to enhance water intake and vitality. A sharp snip one inch from the bottom does the magic.



Leafy Lessons: Clarity Above Water

Eliminate leaves below the waterline, ensuring purity and preventing bacterial growth.


Arrangement: A Dance of Blooms

Arrange each flower thoughtfully, ensuring space for individual beauty and collective harmony.


The Perfect Spot: A Gentle Embrace

Select a location shielded from sunlight and drafts, offering a serene environment.


Daily Devotion: A Ritual of Care

Regularly refresh the water and trim the stems to maintain freshness and vigor.


Special Touches: Understanding Needs

Acknowledge the unique requirements of each flower, adjusting care to meet their specific needs.



At House of Flowers, we see the transformative power of floral care in bringing enduring joy and beauty. Through these mindful practices, cherish the life and story of each bloom.



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