Boxed Treats

Boxed Treats

Boxed Treats

juice 1 ltr 1

pringle small 1

date palm kalma 1

kiri chese 108g 1

honey jar 125g 1

jam jaar 1 

khataies 11

rani juice 1 

fresh flowers

baloon 1

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Benefits of Using House of Flowers

Flowers are directly from a local florist

Directly from

a local florist

Flowers are designed, arranged, and read to be enjoyed

Designed, arranged

& ready to be enjoyed

Floral arrangements are hand delivered

Hand delivered

The House Of Flowers was founded in 2016 with the bold intention of bringing romance and delight back to what was once a noble exchange: the giving and receiving of flowers. Grounded in transparency, responsibility and simplicity, we create genuine moments of emotional connection for our customers, build meaningful relationships with like-minded farmers and florists while empowering them to thrive, and eliminate unnecessary waste along the way.